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FF05U-Waterproof seat liner

● UNIQUE LEAK-PROOF DESIGN – Featuring an innovative protective design for the ultimate protection, this car seat liner for babies has a full 360° middle buckle hole that can be secured with an elastic pulling tab to ensure complete closure, preventing and leaks from the centre buckle hole! The water-proof car seat liner (baby) contains all fluids inside and has a non-slip backing to prevent any unnecessary slipping/sliding.

● UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY – This car seat protector cover can be used with most car seats, strollers, booster seats, high seats, or swings to keep liquids, crumbs, and spills safely contained on the piddle pad surface which can be easily cleaned in a washing machine! The car seat liner (baby girl/boy) will not interfere with the car seat and is safe to use, but please check the manufacturer’s user guide for proper harness function.

Model: FF05U

Categories: Cushions and Pads, On The Go



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