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HH03-Harness Toddler Backpack, Elephant

【SAFETY AND MULTIFUNCTION】A great backpack to keep toddlers close at hand and safely next to you; Help the baby learn to walk; Used as a small backpack.

【REMOVABLE TRACTION BELT】Adjustable safety buckle and strap, removable and safe front chest buckle, comfortable shoulder straps made from purified cotton for delicate skin.

【DON’T GET LOST IN THE CROWD】A special ride-a-long buddy that stands out in a crowd. It’s perfect for airports, parks, museums and any place you want a little extra security and control.

【SUPER EASY TO CLEAN】Durable fabric easily wipes clean.

☆ Recommended ages: 2~6 years old

Model: HH03

Categories: Harness backpack, Kids & Mommy bags


Product Description
Product Features
*Product Name
Color printing Elephant harness backpack
*Material Type
*Whether the folding
*Bags Hardness?
*Dimension information
Wide*Hight*Thickness (26.5*34*13)CM
*Package Way
Color card+PE Bag

Key Dimensions and Selling points


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