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Car Sunshade: Benefits and What to Consider Before Getting One

If you own a car, you definitely should consider purchasing a car sunshade. A car sunshade essentially blocks direct sunlight from entering a vehicle, thereby keeping your little one and other car occupants comfortable. It also helps preserve the car’s electronics and interiors, providing outstanding benefits to you, your family, and your automobile.

Sunshades absorb the hot sunlight that comes into your car through the windshield. Consequently, they allow your car interior remains cool even in hot weather. It can also provide additional comfort to vehicle occupants in extreme weather conditions.

The windshield sunshade is a proven effective method to keep the heat out of your car by reducing the car’s sun exposure. Once the light from the sun enters your vehicle, the interior parts of your car, such as your seats, steering wheel, and dashboard, absorb the heat, making it unbearable. So, the best way to enjoy sun protection and reduce your car’s internal temperature is to prevent it from entering the car by using the best car sunshade size.

Today, you can find two main types of car sunshades in the market. These aftermarket car sunshades are attached to the inside windows of a car. They are available in two types- pull-down or fixed position shades. A good quality sunshade must provide optimum UV protection, which is its primary function. Here are additional benefits of using a car sun shield.

Reduce Car Interior Temperature

On a sunny day, your car temperature can quickly increase, and driving in a hot car is no fun. If you don’t have the option of parking your car in the shade, then a car sunshade becomes essential. A windshield sunshade can reduce your car’s interior temperature significantly. However, the performance may depend on the quality of the sunshade. This is why we recommend getting your car sunshades from reputable brands.

Reduce Cooling Time

Another advantage of using the car sunshade is that it helps support your car’s air-conditioning system. By installing a sunshade, you can control the heat buildup, thereby cooling the time of your car. A common practice is to roll down the windows as soon as you get in your car to allow trapped air escape. However, while this can be helpful, it does not protect your car interiors from damage.

Protecting your Car Interior

Your car dashboard takes the worst hit from the sunlight. In most cases, the car’s dashboard will be unbearable to touch, making the entire car comfortable. Extreme heat can damage your dashboard and leather seats. Over time, you may begin to notice your dashboards drying out and cracking. This can reduce the aesthetics and resale value of your automobile.

Protecting your Car Electronics

Extreme heat can also have adverse effects on your car’s electronics. Most electronic devices function optimally between 70 to 80 degrees and may begin to overheat in higher temperatures. This can cause damage and the need for repairs. With a sunshade, you can preserve the functionality of your car stereo and resale your car for a higher value if the need arises.

Improved Comfort

If you have children, you must consider the immense advantage a car sunshade provides especially on long drives. It is more comfortable and convenient to drive in a car with a controlled temperature. You and other occupants of your car can enjoy a cooler atmosphere when you get a custom-fit car sunshade for your automobile.

There are a few things you should consider when choosing a sunshade. Here are a few things to guide you in making the right choice.

Your Windshield

It is important to measure your car’s windshield before buying a sunshade. Window shields are sold in various sizes, so for best results, ensure you get one that fits your windscreen. Many reputable brands provide a size chart upon request.

Protective and Decorative

Robbers cannot see inside your car, especially the back seat with a windshield. You will have one less thing to worry about with a car sunshade by deterring crimes of opportunity. The sunshade also adds a personal touch to your car since you can place decorative stickers on them.

Your Space

You will need to consider storage space for your sunshade when not in use. If you have limited space in your automobile, ensure you get one that folds completely. Compact storage of your windshield will also keep it protected from damage. Some car sunshades are sold with a storage container which is always helpful.


It’s essential to understand what your primary usage of the sunshades will be. Some people use it while driving, and others install it when the car is parked. It is essential to determine your usage as some are used for driving, and others can be installed when the car is parked.


Windshields are surprisingly affordable. We manufacture high-quality windshields in bulk and offer customers the option to customize their orders. However, you will need to consider how much you are willing to spend.

How to Install your Windshields

A car sunshade installation process is straightforward, easy, and may not require additional tools. However, you must first consider the type of windshield you have purchased for your car, for instance, a fold-up or roll-up style. Here’s a guide you can follow.

Remove the window shield, suction cups, and other accessories out of the package.

Most manufacturers will include a manual in the packaging. Read the installation instructions carefully.

Get into the car before opening up the car’s sun shield. This way, you can avoid the challenge of getting it in if you open it outside the car.

Attaching mounting brackets on each side of the shade. However, you can skip this step if it is not included.

While placing the bottom edge of the car sunshade to the edge of the dash, press the shield close to the windshield and perform this same action for the top corner of the sunshade by pressing it to the top corner of your windshield.

Use a sun visor to securely keep your shield in place if you got your shields without bracelets.

Finally, repeat the same process for the other window.

It’s vital to work with a reputable brand that manufactures good quality car sunshades that will provide UV protection and other benefits to your car, children, and other occupants. We have different portable designs that can be customized according to your taste. Please, fill out our contact form for more information.

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