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TU01-Stroller umbrella and sun shade 2 in 1

Anti-UV: Ultra-strong sun-screening waterproof surface material, care for baby skin.

Ultra-Large Umbrella Cover: Our stroller umbrella is big enough to cover the whole stroller. You do not have to worry about your baby getting hurt by UV or rain. When you take it from the stroller, you can use it as an adult umbrella very conveniently.

Adjustable: direction and clip size are both adjustable according to stroller.

Model: TU01

Categories: Stroller covers, Stroller parasol


Multi-purpose stroller umbrella and sun shade can be adjusted at different angles
Product Description
Product Features
*Material Type
Sunshade cloth
*Whether the folding
*Dimension information
Wide*Hight (74*80)CM open size
Key Dimensions and Selling points

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