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TS06-Plain stroller sunshade cover

【High Quality Fabric】Adopting sun protection index, the cover can filter out 96% of UV rays.Can protect baby’s eyes without blocking baby’s sight. Customized breathable fabric helps your babies take a nap and protect the baby’s skin from sun.

【Size】The size of the awing is about 30*24.8 inch(L*W) , visor extender adds 14 inches of coverage area to the stroller canopy, providing more protection for the child.

【Baby Guardian】Suit for four seasons of the year,necessary accessories of stroller. Summer Infant guardian.

【Scope of Application】Suitable for use on umbrella and Canopy strollers. Easy to attach and easy to take off.

Model: TS06

Categories: Stroller covers, Stroller Sunshade


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Sunshade cloth
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