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QS01-Stretchable car window socks(M)

【YOU CAN STILL ROLL DOWN THE WINDOWS】The mesh is breathable, and because it’s on the exterior of the door frame, you can still roll down the windows and enjoy a nice breeze from outside while staying protected from the sun.

【INCREDIBLY EASY TO INSTALL】The flexible, stretchy mesh just pulls down over the open car door. Fits almost every car to a maximum of 35.4 inches by 29.5 inches.

【GREAT FOR KIDS】Protect your loved ones in their car seats and booster seats by applying these sunshades to the rear side doors of the car. This provides UV protection, cuts sun glare, reduces heat, and prevents your children from getting burned or overheated.

【UNIVERSAL FIT(2 PACK)】This Window Screen is made of mesh that is stretchable to easily slip over most car and small SUV rear doors.

Model: QS01-M

Categories: Shades, Window socks


Product Description
Product Name
Car window socks, UV Side Window Sunshade,?
Item No
Product Size
50g mesh
Dimension information
Wide*Hight (60*50)CM
Brand and color
We accept OEM, and will help you design your own Brand and color
Package Way
PVC bag+color card

Key Dimensions and Selling points

Customize your OWN LOGO and Prefered colors

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